Friday, 23 March 2012

Nail polish can't make you fat.

So we all have our weaknesses and mine, clearly, is nail polish. When I am bored, sad or stressed I like to buy polish or paint my nails. After a couple of stressful and generally shitty days I wanted to cheer myself up with a spot of shopping. Fair enough right? Well I think so. So I went shopping with the intention of buying maybe two or three cheaper end, standard polishes. That was until I saw three for two... EVERYWHERE.

I went into meltdown.

If I had been left unsupervised in that shop, there's a very real possibility that I would have bought everything in there.

No jokes.

Luckily I wasn't unsupervised, my lovely friend Rebekah was there to calm me in my manic state, and make sure I didn't go too overboard. In the end I came out with ten new Models Own polishes for myself and one for her, branching out into a whole new brand of polish. I got a few from the pastel collection, a couple from the headkandi range as well as one full sized beetlejuice and three baby mini beetlejuicies too! I think that's a great investment. Now in financial terms that's still around a weeks worth of food, but hey, nail polish can't make you fat!

I also came out with one hundred false nails. Yay! Now I have something to play around with, and practice different styles and designs. So with my new kit I had a little play around with stripes, aztec and some glitter too!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sexy melons.

...because I don't normally get my five a day!

...and also because I wanted to do some quick keep nail art.

Cheeky student price nail art.

Start yourself off with some base coat, that dark pink will stain your nails like a bitch, I use the Barry M base coat, nail hardener and top coat. It's the only one I've ever used to be honest, and it's always done a good job, so I've never thought to use anything else.

When that dries, apply a nice dark pink colour, I used beauty uk - glam nails "Mauve flash - no.34", never really used beauty uk until this year, there was a sale on in Superdrug so I went a little mental about six shades of their polish, and was quite pleasantly surprised. The light green theirs it's the "Soft Green - no.46" shade. Pop that all over the tip on your nail leave it to dry and then apply a stripe of darker green to the very tip of your nail. Mine is from one of those job-lot eBay nail-art brands, I bought something like 24 pens for £8.99 if I remember rightly, the brand on the packaging is something like Nail Star. Add a white stripe beneath the light green, add to the cartoony look. I use a Barry M White, I find that it covers up darker colours better than some of the slightly lower price options, not to say that it's expensive though, because it's still a pretty cheap brand. Then draw on the melon pips in black, you can use nail art pens if you have them, but you don't have to, just use an orange stick and some black polish, you can even use the end of a bobby-pin if you want to, it's all good, again for this I used a Nail Star pen, no real reason why though, it was just the closest thing to hand. Hope you like them.

It's not all fancy patterns.

So with my nails I go in fazes, some times I want mix and match nails with lovely pictures on them, but when I get bored I just can't be bothered to put the effort in. Pretty nails aren't always about vibrant patterns and nail art, sometimes the prettiest nails are plain, but well manicured. So pick your favourite nail polish and practice your basic painting, and then when you're feeling too lazy for aztec, fruit or leopard print, you'll still have some gorgeous nails.