Friday, 23 March 2012

Nail polish can't make you fat.

So we all have our weaknesses and mine, clearly, is nail polish. When I am bored, sad or stressed I like to buy polish or paint my nails. After a couple of stressful and generally shitty days I wanted to cheer myself up with a spot of shopping. Fair enough right? Well I think so. So I went shopping with the intention of buying maybe two or three cheaper end, standard polishes. That was until I saw three for two... EVERYWHERE.

I went into meltdown.

If I had been left unsupervised in that shop, there's a very real possibility that I would have bought everything in there.

No jokes.

Luckily I wasn't unsupervised, my lovely friend Rebekah was there to calm me in my manic state, and make sure I didn't go too overboard. In the end I came out with ten new Models Own polishes for myself and one for her, branching out into a whole new brand of polish. I got a few from the pastel collection, a couple from the headkandi range as well as one full sized beetlejuice and three baby mini beetlejuicies too! I think that's a great investment. Now in financial terms that's still around a weeks worth of food, but hey, nail polish can't make you fat!

I also came out with one hundred false nails. Yay! Now I have something to play around with, and practice different styles and designs. So with my new kit I had a little play around with stripes, aztec and some glitter too!

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