Monday, 2 April 2012


So it's Easter, and for me that means beautiful pastel colours. Over the past few weeks I've been investing in some new brands and polish shades, and one of my newest faves is the Models Own "Blooboo". It's a gorgeous pale pastel blue, and it's super seasonal.

Normally I find, particularly if you're using a cheaper or standard brand of polish, that pastels tend to lack something when it comes to coverage, which you would generally expect from a less pigmented polish. I previously owned the Barry M "Blue moon 317" shade, which is a similar colour to "Blooboo" but it could take three or four coats to get the desired colour. Unfortunately this means it takes forever to dry and becomes gloopy, but with the Models Own colour I didn't really have this problem. For me it took two coats, which it's a rule of thumb I always go by anyway, for no streaks or moons showing under the polish, and dried in a minute or two, and fast drying polishes are something we all love!

It's a really lovely shade, and perfect as a base coat for some nail art, maybe some stripes or polkas, even some Easter aztecs. I think it's safe to say that "Blooboo" is going into my favourites collection, it's certainly beat "Blue Moon 317" in the league tables, especially when realise it's only £2 more for the Models Own hue. Highly recommending this one!

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