Sunday, 29 July 2012

One month on.

It has been one very busy month, there's been a lot on hard working, travelling and general busy bee business, which has unfortunately meant that I haven't been able to post frequently, if at all. So now that I have a snippet of spare time here's a little update on my nail growth. It's just over a month since my last post on it, and you can definitely see some progress. The picture below shows them as they are today, but I will say as a side fact, these nails have been filed down, and some of them have snapped down, making them a lot shorter than they would be naturally.

Whilst growing my nails, I've avoided nail growth products, serums, herbal tablets, growth specific base coats etc, just to show how they grow without any interference, or "placebo nail hope" that these products provide. The only products I have been frequently been using is O.P.I Nail Envy, for a bit of strength while they were growing away, and Nfu Oh's cuticle remover to try and curb my dependence on cuticle clippers. As you can see they've grown fairly well, having doubled in length over the past few weeks, they feel strong and healthy, and the hyponychium or "quick" has starter to heal with the nail so they don't obviously look like previously bitten nails. Anyway, was just a little post today, going to post again soon with new polish reviews and growth updates and wotnot. Nighty night. Xxx.


  1. This is a lovely colour, a nice balance between pink and purple!

    I tagged you for an award! :)