Monday, 17 September 2012

Iridescent love.

Sometimes us ladies (and maybe even some men) like to dress up our digits with a nice mint, or a cute little pink polish, and the simplicity of that one shade sets off your outfit in just the right way, and we feel like most sophisticated woman to walk into where ever since time began, but sometimes we want to feel like fancy bitches and shower ourselves in shimmer, with a sexy little polish that makes you wiggle your finger tips in another lovely's face until they notice how sick your nails look, and their face express nothing but jealousy. For this I look to duochromes and iridescents. Duochromes and iridescents are two of the easiest and cutest ways to jazz up more ordinary polishes. In this post I'll look at three of my favourite iridescents, ways to wear them and why I love them. Now I do realise that if I totted it up, the majority of my current posts would be about Models Own polishes, but there's a reason for this. I adore them. I am also aware that the Beetle Juice collection has been out for quite some time now, but I feel that the age of a polish should not stop me from posting about it if I feel that there is something to say, whether that be quality, value or new ways to rock that shade. So I have picked my favourite Beetle Juice gems, rather than posting on the whole collection, and this post is dedication to them.
Now the shades I have picked are fairly sheer when painted on a bare nail. Which I love. Quite a few of the Beetle Juice polishes are darker in colour and more densely packed with pigment on the nail, and in my book this pushes them over the boarder line into duochrome territory and when condensed in the bottle, the three polishes I'm looking at appear to cross that line too, however when worn in the way shown below I tend to class them more so as iridescent, because of the subtle nature of the colour change in them. The sheer quality to theses iridescent polishes makes them super versatile allowing us lovely ladies (and maybe men) to get more looks for our bucks! The three polishes I am looking at are the glorious Tropical Sun, Indian Ocean, and Pink Cocktail, and to demonstrate their versatility in the best way I have decided to swatch them on multiple base colours.
The first of these beauties is Tropical Sun which I bought for £5 from Boots. A wonderful warm pink with orange and peach tones running through it. To bring out the best features of this shade I have swatched it on a bright white from Essie called Blanc, a very yummy peach from Nails Inc by the name of Wellington Square and three lovely little Topshop polishes, the purple Parma Violet, a lovely baby pink called Day Dream and War paint, a fabulous coral red.
The chosen colours really do make Tropical Sun look great. To me it creates a wonderful vision of beautiful Saree fabrics. Packed with a great richness of colour that gives and gives. With each movement it hints at more colour and depth, and you can enhance this with the base colour you chose to layer it on. By choosing both complimenting and contrasting base colours you can create multiple looks for all three of these beautiful iridescents. Personally I'm a bit of a sucker for anything purple and my favourite colour combination is the contrasting lilac and orange, I feel the two polishes just transform each other and look fantastic next to say, an all black outfit.
The second polish I'm looking at is the gorgeous Indian Ocean, again £5 from Boots. Now you may notice at this point that some of the base colours I swatch against are repeated, but that's just because they're yummy on their own and look even better next to these three fab polishes.
Indian Ocean itself is a lovely pale blue with hints of lilac and green shinning through. Making it only fitting to swatch it over purples, greens and blues! Again using Essie's Blanc to showcase it polish alone, then we have another three cuties from Topshop, Easy Breezy mint, Parma Violet purple, and the delicious Celestial blue.
These swatches remind me of two things. The purple and white based swatches make me feel like a fairy princess, I don't know why, but I feel like Tinkerbell just went and sprinkled a crap load of fairy dust all over my mani and made me look super swag. The green and blue swatch though create a beautiful sense of mermaid chic, if nail polish worked under water, we all know, The Little Mermaid would be rolling with these shades.
The final polish I want to look at is the perfect Pink Cocktail. A polish so beautifully pink that it would turn Barbie into a clepto! I Acquired this little lovely in the Beetle Juice mini's set and it's rather beauts! £8 for a set of three polishes bringing its individual price down to around £2.66, bargain!
It's vibrant pink with micro pigments of lilac and pale blue hidden within it, and my favourite way to wear it means pairing it with equally girlie base colours. Keeping this in mind I've coated it over Blanc, Day Dream and Parma Violet. These pastel shades provide a lovely even base palette for the shimmer and shine of Pink Cocktail, picking out and complimenting each aspect of the shade.
I can appreciate that such a sweet candy pink polish and its variations may not be for everyone, but if you are feeling particularly femme, this is a really nice addition to your chosen outfit, I will say though, they the perfect purpose for these pink pretties is to help little girls, and girly girls at that, stop biting their nails. They see it, think "Oooh Disney princess" and immediately stop themselves from nibbling away. Mission accomplished!
All of the polishes in this post were originally bought from Boots, however you can also pick them up here! What are you fave iridescents or duochromes? Xxx.


  1. fun! you know a lot abotu polish, thanks for all the tips~

  2. Why thank you :) hope the tips are helpful x.

  3. Hello Jodi, this post has some great ideas and I enjoyed reading it. I just came across your blog and its lovely so I am going to follow :) I used to bite my nails too and it was only really last year I started wearing nail I love it lol

    Elle xx

  4. Thanks doll, loving your cute little corner of the 'net too, thanks for the follow. :) X.