Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Chocolate cakes

Today's Essie of choice is the DELICIOUS Chocolate cakes. It's the glossiest, yummiest chocolate brown you will ever find. It's genuinely lovely, and it looks like beautiful melted dark chocolate in a cute little Essie bottle. I originally acquired mine from my beautiful friend Rebekah, who bought it at TKMAXX as part of a set of three discounted due to missing or incorrect labelling, I think the pricing was around £11.99 for three, I did recently see the shade in my local Boots for the full retail of £7.99 with the updated packaging and the newer thicker brush. The brush that came with this is a fairly standard thin, round brush as oppose to the thick, flat brush that comes with the majority of the Essie I own. It's a very deep, very rich shade of brown which I think can be used as a very versatile addition to any polish collect. Again as I find myself saying over and over, it's that same high quality Essie formula that I love and expect from such a fabulous brand. I will say with this polish you really do want to wear a proper base coat, because of its heavy pigment and brown tone it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to nail-stain. We can all imagine how that would look, not so good. I really enjoy wearing this colour, whether it's on its own, chosen for its dark tone but as an alternative to a standard black manicure, or as an accent colour within nail art, it's growing to be one of my more regularly worn polishes. I am a real fan of chocolate browns next to mint greens or baby blues well to be honest most pastel shades. They just bring out that rich brown tone, so for the nail art for this polish two of my suggestions are, using the polish on top of yummy pale colours like I have in the picture below, which slightly reminds me of Aero Bubbles or to take advantage of that melted chocolate look and add cream drips and sprinkles for a fun mani for those of us with a sweet tooth. Tomorrow is the outstanding Mint Candy Apple. Xxx.


  1. Oh wow, this so cute! I love your nail art ideas! I want to eat the one on the right hehe! I just bought this brown polish today from tkmaxx too, was wondering what in earth it was as it's incorrectly labelled 'tangerine'! Thanks so much for identifying it! Am now wondering what the other 2 bottles in the setare now....anyway, you got a new follower, thanks! michelle x

  2. Aww thank you! The ones me and my friend bought were all labelled "capri" so I'm still hunting out some of the names, you can search by name on their website to see if they're remotely similar but some of the pictures aren't very true to life colours so I keep looking in boots and trying to match by eye, but they're crazy value right? Xxx.