Monday, 18 June 2012

Essie Collection.

So, my polish collection is rapidly growing and the brands I am buying are becoming more and more diverse, considering this I thought I would do a brand based, collective posting session. For this I'm choosing to look at my Essie collection, so this post will be a quick swatch and review of most of my Essie's with a few nail art ideas thrown in, posted over the next few days. Some of my polishes will not be included the reasons being, either I have already posted about them individually or they were bought as part of a collection that had been discounted due to missing or incorrect labels and I am yet to find their correct names. You will also notice the swatching has been done with fake nails, normally I will paint on my nails to give the truest likeness but I have cut all of my nails down in preparation for a future post.

The seven polishes I am posting on are a fairly mixed batch in terms of colour, but with all of the Essie polishes I own and in particular these polishes you will get very consistent results. You almost always have a lovely thin polish with a high level of pigment packed into it, which takes quite a while to aerate and become gloopy. Essie generally have really quick drying times, and a very glossy shine to that dried polish. With all of these polishes you could push for a one coat finish, but I have chosen of paint on two, because the flash of my camera will shine through the thin plastic of the false nails, making the polish look thinner than it actually is.

So the first polish I'm looking at is one of the above mentioned discount Essies, I got it from TKMAXX for cheaps because of incorrect labelling. This particular bottle's label states that it's the A-List shade. This is a lie. After much hunting and colour matching I've come to the conclusion that this is actually the Really Red polish instead. It's a really pretty, almost blood red colour which is so eye-catching and vibrant. I am a firm believer that every girl should own a shockingly bright, red nail polish and this is the red for me. With this, you just can't help feeling super glammy, like a 40's or 50's starlet. The colour just reminds me of a super rich, vintage hue and looks so girlie on. This is one of my most favourite colours to wear alongside tea dresses or navy, polka dot playsuits. This formula of this polish is fantastic, really easy to paint on, the only thing I will say is that this is probably one of the thinner, more translucent Essie polishes I've come into contact with, in fact possibly the only slightly see-through colour from them that I own. This is easily remedied with an extra coat and a high quality base and top coat though. Sometimes even a base white shade beneath it just to make it really pop, you just have to make sure that the white's completely dry before adding this gorgeous Minnie Mouse-esque red, or you get a very bright pink. Nail art ideas:For super girlie go white polka dots, for something a little darker maybe try out black drips. Both looks take seconds do to, and are great to jazz things up right at the last minute.

Tomorrow I'm looking at Splash Of Grenadine, keep an eye out! Xxx.

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