Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Splash Of Grenadine

Day two of my Essie collection week, just a quick little post today and I'm looking at the gorgeous Splash Of Grenadine. It's a vibrant purpley pink tone that really catches your eye. It's not too bubble gum or Barbie pink and it's not too plummy purple either it's the perfect balance between the two colours. Like I repeatedly say Essie's are amazing quality and that really is true of this polish. The brush is lovely, that same brush that I briefly review in my Watermelon swatch, and it coats wonderfully, and you really can wear this with just the one coat and a quality top coat. It genuinely is a strong contender for my favourite Essie polish, it's really easy to wear with any outfit, because it's that perfect blend between tones it's rarely too bright for a darker outfit or too deep for a more summery wardrobe choice, I tend to wear it along side dark velvet outfits for a pop of girlie, glammy colour. This colour dries in record fast time and there tend to be very few bald spots when you paint it on. This quick dry time ans bright, original colour means it's an awesome base for some cute nail art designs. Whether thats a fairly simple design or one with a little bit more going on. Below you see the simpler matte finished base of Splash Of Grenadine with a gloss racing stripe and the slight busier funky hip-hop design with black tips. Both designs are super simple and take a few minutes but looking really striking!
Tomorrow I'm looking at the yummy Chocolate Cakes. Xxx.


  1. It's super pretty isn't it? I've fallen a little bit in love with it! Xxx.