Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Lovely but late Lilacism.

I will start with apologies, this post is a little later than promised, I've just been super busy and didn't quite have enough time to post, for this I am sorry, but I make it up to you with the yummy Lilacism. The Essie is a cool toned light lilac shade, with a really nice creme finish. Now, purple and lilacs are most probably my favourite colours, so I own a ridiculous amount of different lilac or purple polishes, it's a bit of a joke really, but this one is, at the moment, my favourite. I adore the colour, but what sets it apart from several other polishes I own which are fairly similar is the quality. This wonderful little polish dries seriously fast, which I love, and covers really well. I think with this one you do need to use two coats, just to get the truest lilac shade but in saying that it doesn't affect the drying time at all. It's a really girlie shade that can be worn with any outfit and at any time of year, suiting all skin tones too. I bought mine from Boots for £7.99 and it was money well spent, but you can also find them online, maybe even for less if you go directly to a beauty supply site. I'm the sort of person who changes their nail polish every day because of either boredom or chipping, I can not stand chips in my nail polish, and with the polish I can wear it for a whole week because it barely chips and it's so pretty I don't get bored of it at all. It really is a great polish, to wear plain for with a splash of design. It looks great with some simple inverted aztec patterns or some classic leopard print. It also looks very cute faded with some Mint Candy Apple. My next Essie post will be Cute As A Button. Xxx.


  1. Love love love your nail designs, you're so talented! I'm your first follower on bloglovin :) x

  2. Awww thank you very much :), yay bloglovin :D xxx