Thursday, 21 June 2012

Mint Candy Apple.

Apologies, but it's just a quick post tonight because I'm a sleepy little thing. Anyway as far as I am aware, today's polish is one of the most frequently posted about, and popular Essie colours, I see it everywhere, and there's good reason for that. It's beautiful! It's a frosty, pale, mint green creme with a lovely gloss to it's finish. I bought mine from Boots for £7.99 and it was well spent. It's very wearable colour that goes with pretty much every outfit I own. The pale, delicate nature of the polish means that it doesn't over power and only really compliments any skin tone or outfit. Mint Candy Apple has a lovely thin quality to it and dries in seconds, even though it's packed with colour your really are best to use two coats, it just ensures the truest, most even colour across your manicure. The feminine, minty hue is really beautiful in contrast to darker colours or more rigid, masculine designs, so it really does look good on it's own or alongside nail art. Go super fem with a black flowers, or a little funkier with some aztec, which as far as I'm concerned will never go out of nail-fashion. Overall I'd say it's a really lovely addition to any collection, really durable and versatile, something you can wear every day or just for occasions, it also looks GORGEOUS if you team it with a matte top coat, the top coat I use it the E.L.F matte coat which I believe was around £1.50, it's awesome value, and really gives this colour a sharper edge. I'll be doing a pastel V neon post super soon where I'll be heavily featuring this little gem so for more of Mint Candy Apple keep checking the posts. Tomorrow, lovely Lilacism! Xxx.

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